Sex tourism in Thailand 2020 - prices, destinations, main warnings

This is not just a text, but an introductory tour of the expanses of sex tourism in Thailand. Interested in how everything works? Planning a trip and not sure where to start? Want to figure out how much money you need? All the necessary data in the article! It just so happened that during the development of the tourism industry in Thailand, the intimate component of relaxation began to grow. Good pay for night work from foreigners, grateful customers and generous tips for Thai women - behind the scenes, the kingdom has become a real valley of sexual tourism.

Now, this stunning Asian country of eternal summer is trying in every possible way to wash off its well-established role of "Thailand is a place for sex tourism." Punishes import of intimate goods, distribution of pornography and related materials. Supervises the work of the so-called dance establishments and massage parlors.

Of course, they do not succeed, the business has developed over the years. It can not be eradicated in a short period of time, given the frantic demand. In addition, even with a great desire, the authorities will not be able to look behind all the closed doors of the so-called massage parlors.

By the way, the concept of sex tourism is not just a term for actions. In reality, there are entire travel agencies offering comprehensive tours that include everything you need for a memorable sex vacation.

Well, so far nothing has changed, and all the butterflies in the workplace, let's start with the main thing: types of sex tourism in Thailand, type designations, and where to start the first trip and calculate the budget.

The most popular areas of sex tourism, where to find a girlfriend for the night

Buying a ticket, flight, checking into a hotel. And so, you are at the place where to go? Suggest obscenity to passers-by girls? To hint at something more to ice cream sellers? Or maybe look for brothels? No, everything is much simpler.

There are several of the most popular destinations, so to speak, of subspecies of sex tourism in Thailand. As they say, who pursues what goals. Maybe you came to admire nature and do not mind a one-time plunge into the arms of the priestess of love. Or, on the contrary, they purposefully bought a ticket and are planning “from call to call” to troubling with secrets.

"Universal soldier" - girls from the street

This can be found on popular pedestrian streets, at bars or clubs, in the institutions themselves. On the scourge of road or Volkin Street - there are hundreds of them.

Beach road and walking street are the main tourist streets in Pattaya.

The employees are universal. Ready to work for a long time, and for an hour. One caveat, if you choose a girl who currently performs the duties of a dancer at work, you will need to pay a barfine to the owner for a replacement. The same plan will have to act if you like the waitress.

A girl from a street or club is usually taken to a cheap hotel room next door. Do not "buzz" the place in advance? Ask the carrots, she knows all the inexpensive hourly shelters that are nearby.

In no case do not lead the girl to your room. Why? Read the warnings below.

Cost: from 600 - 2500 baht + barfe for rent from the workplace. The price varies depending on the season, the popularity of the meeting place and the arrogance of the priestess of love.

The cheapest rate for girls from the street from 00:00 - 04:00. As a rule, at this time there were exclusively slow-moving options.

Long lasting pleasure

Direction, implying the removal of secrets for a long period, namely, for the period of the entire vacation - 8-12 days. Quite dubious pleasure on the one hand, extremely convenient - on the other. Based on the experience of experienced, we consider from all sides.

A huge plus is a big discount when buying in bulk. Of course, the daily sex spouse will not be in vain, but much cheaper than daily carrots. In positive moments, one should also attribute the fact that you are freeing yourself from possible unpleasant adventures and the search for a new passion. Although, for some, this may seem like a fat minus.

Also, take into account that a constant night fairy can be useful as a translator when renting a bike / car, communicating in markets / shops, etc.

Of the minuses, long-term priestesses of love are impudent, "like clockwork." After a couple of days of escort, she begins to pull money for a brand new Chinese iPhone, a week later - for a decent brand's handbag. In short, there’s a great chance to come for a minute of pleasure, and to get a problematic “not finished”.

By the way, do not see her talk about problems. A typical case, when "grandmother felt ill", "sister got sick", but in fact she ran for short - to quickly earn money with another guy. These are such "betrayals."

Wholesale option for those who organized a trip to Thailand solely for the sake of night comforts.

Cost: from 1000 - 3000 baht per day.

Massage parlor A decent and winning place to search for a girlfriend for the night. In addition, you can combine ... business with pleasure. For a moderate fee, get a massage, treasured boom-boom and comparative cleanliness in the room. Of course, if the trip will be committed to a more or less worthy institution.

Do not confuse the massage parlor, which offers exclusively massage services and the necessary establishment. What you need will have a sign that says body massage or something similar. By the way, about this art of body massage on the body there is a whole article - body massage in Thailand. By the way, the most decent places in Pattaya and Phuket are marked there.

Cost: 1000 - 3000 baht, including room rental and all necessary accessories

Accidental acquaintance It is unlikely that a clean and well-kept secret can become an accidental stranger, once a year and a stick shoots ... But, it’s not lucky often. The one that frankly hangs itself is a cheap option, but sure, with a lot of surprises in the form of a bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases. But sparingly. And you do not need to search. She will find it herself.

Cautions of experienced sex tourists

No, this is not a booklet with a complete list of safety rules during sex tourism in Thailand. These are just a few points that you just need to pay attention to. For security reasons - a little exaggerated. Especially relevant for beginners.

Money in the morning - chairs in the evening

The main and most important rule is never to give money in advance under any pretext. Especially if the action does not take place in a massage parlor, a specialized bar, but in the walls of a rented hotel room. This is fraught with "leaving in English" by the lady of love. From yours - money thrown into the air. If for any reason you do not inspire confidence, and the fairy requires money before - show her that they are, and say that they will have it in her pocket upon completion of the plan.

Are you a fagot?

When choosing companions for the night, do not hesitate to ask if she is a boy. There are frequent cases of hitting a battle lady. Cheap plastic surgeries, tons of cosmetics and sexy clothes can be confusing. By the way, a lady fight is sometimes prettier than the original ladies. Yes, and are somewhat cheaper.

Cost of services

Before the love session, discuss the price of the action, as well as the amount of time you plan to spend together. If there are any difficulties with understanding English, to prevent misunderstandings - write down all the information on paper. Thais love to "fall for a fool" and after the process try to bring down more money.

By the way, if you think that girls from the street are absolutely defenseless - you are mistaken. If the priestess of love does not have a pimp (which is unlikely), then she probably has a couple of peasants in her friends who have been practicing Thai boxing since childhood. By the way, the police are always on the side of their people.

Like at home

Do not drive girls from the street to your apartment. Never. Never at all. First of all, it is fraught with banal theft while you are in the shower, turned away, fell asleep or so on.

Secondly, after sex it will be necessary to replace bedding. Very often, various skin diseases that can be left on bedding are hidden under a layer of foundation. It’s good if the maid rushes from your first call and changes everything quickly. But, such services are not always performed “one-two”. Especially in Asia.


Do not drink with Thai priestesses of love with one glass. If you send the guest to the shower, give her a separate towel. In no case do not use personal hygiene items. Just imagine how many guys she has in a day. And for the calendar month?

Watch your drink - the development of sex tourism in Thailand has given birth to dishonest girls, a la our klofelinschitsy. This happens - do not prove anything to anyone. Yes, and you yourself will get a contribution to the development of prostitution.

Trite, but it’s worth recalling - do not disdain contraception, even with oral caresses. Some exotic "surprises" can also be transmitted through the mucous membrane.

Undoubtedly, the storehouse of debauchery in Thailand is the legendary Pattaya. Importantly, everything is adapted for a primitive time for forwarding sex tourists. No need to go far, long look. Everything, so to speak, is at hand.

The most popular streets for nightlife are the legendary walking street and beach road. Both streets are located in the city center. As for massage parlors offering more than medical services, check out Sabai Dee and PP Body Massage. In Phuket, there are also places for entertainment for sex tourists. Comparable to the Pattaya center, Bangla Road is the leader here.

Sex tourism in Thailand is more than a classic form of selling a body. This color of the country from its terrible side, incredible emotions and memories bordering on fear and a lot of fears.

We by no means call for a test of sexual tourism or any indecent action in the territory of the kingdom of Thailand. We just covered the answers to frequently asked questions and described the classic negative situations that can be avoided during such a trip.